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Pond Aerators, Fountains & Maintenance Supplies

Pond Aerators, Fountains & Maintenance SuppliesOtterbine Fountains - One of the best and most attractive fountain & pond aerator manufacturers on the market. These powerful units, not necessarily just used for decorative purposes, are energy efficient, made of high quality materials and backed by limited warranty.

Aqua Control Water Features - Aqua Control offers one of the most extensive lines of high quality pond fountains and water features on the market. The series includes economical aerators, as well as a new waterfall pump.

Microbe-Lift Pond & Lake Cleaning - Ecological and environmentally friendly, Microbe-Lift offers pond products that help make ponds and lakes clearer and cleaner. Available in multiple application types for commercial and non-commercial uses, this product line is a sure bet for keeping your water feature healthy and clean. Microbe-Lift is an environmentally friendly photosynthetic bacteria. It uses naturally occurring soil and water bacteria to break down the primary food sources of algae, including nitrogen, phosphorus and dead organic matter both in the water and the sludge layer of the pond. For maximum results, use with an aeration unit.



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