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Heat Green with Geothermal Heating Systems

While Vermont may be in the deep freeze half the year, the ground here, as elsewhere, remains warm, year round.  What better source for heating than energy from the earth! Nick Manosh of Manosh is Geothermal Certified in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York state. He and his staff can provide the water sources for the installation of a geothermal system, or, when acting as a general contractor, they can provide the water and have a maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and cost efficient geothermal system installed for residential or commercial use.  


How does it work? Underground temperatures, only 4-6 feet in depth, do not fluctuate. The earth’s constant temperature is what allows a Geothermal System to deliver heat to your house in the winter and cooling in the summer.

During the winter, the heat pump absorbs heat from the ground and uses it to warm the air in your home. In the warm summer months, the process is reversed, taking heat from your home and transferring it back into the ground.

Energy from the sun, which is stored in the earth, allows a Geothermal System to operate with less impact on the earth than conventional systems. Geothermal systems provide three to four units of energy for every one unit used to power the system without a noisy furnace. There are no worries about Carbon Monoxide, fuel leaks or spills, fumes or chimneys to clean.

Manosh belongs to the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).


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